The MicrobiomeSupport Trans-sectorial workshop, was held on the 16 and 17 of November in the form of an online workshop.

From European regulatory experts and policy-bodies, MicrobiomeSupport members and advisory groups ranging from industrial experts to scientists, members of the IBF Microbiome working group, and also experts in research and innovation, and financing agencies, the web conference attendance was a tremendous success, with around 80 and 60 attendants on the first and second day respectively.

The workshop was divided into two main discussion points, the first one being “Microbiome innovations in the next 10 years: vision and mission”, which took place on the 16th of November. We had the pleasure to have Yolanda Sanz from IATA CSIC, Spain, and Emmanuelle Maguin from INRA, France, as chairs. The discussion was led by the topics of requirements and opportunities for implementing microbiome promises, and successful future microbiome innovations.

The second part of the workshop, which took place on the afternoon of the 17th of November, had a more long-term vision approach. The discussion was mainly focused on the identification of strategies to align future research with regulatory frameworks and policy measures, to ultimately allow for innovation uptake and enable legislation of microbiome-based tools and products. MicrobiomeSupport’s objective is to encourage and strengthen global sustainability goals and the bio economy by using the potential of the microbiome.

The three main aims of the workshop were the following:

  • Visualizing the microbiome potential for building a robust bioeconomy.
  • Generating a realistic context for implementing microbiome research agendas, enabling innovation in support for safer and sustainable food production systems, human and environmental health, contributing to achieving the major SDG.
  • Determine how we should integrate Regulatory aspects in the MicrobiomeSupport Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) to implement the FOOD 2030 strategy.

All objectives were addressed and with future implementation steps already underway, making the trans-sectorial workshop a worthwhile conference.

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