On April 13th, MicrobiomeSupport organised an online workshop with the title:

Metagenomics, Metaproteomics and Metabolomics: the need for data integration in microbiome research”.

With around 70 people joining the workshop, it hosted quite a full house of participants. Excellent presentations held by experts from different backgrounds and a fruitful and lively discussion at the end made it an overall successful event with many learnings on the opportunities and hurdles of omics data for microbiome research. There was a general consensus from speakers and participants on the importance and urgency of integrating and combining different omics approaches to systemically address the complexity of microbiomes.

Before the workshop ended, a questionnaire was opened for the audience aiming at identifying priorities to integrate multi-omics data and elaborating strategies to overcome major obstacles. The survey is still open until 10th May and can be accessed via the link below. The results will be published on our website once the questionnaire has been evaluated.

Have you missed the event or would you like to watch specific parts again? Just watch the recording video!

This was the order of the presentations (with respective time in the video):

Welcome and introduction to the workshop

by Luca Cocolin, University of Torino, Italy

Multi-omic approaches to understand microbiome and resistome management (05:05)

by Gabriele Berg, Graz University of Technology, Austria

Application of multi-omics to unravel flavor development in fermented sausages (41:45)

by Kalliopi Rantsiou, University of Torino, Italy

Integrating metabolomics and metagenomics data from microbiome for small molecule discovery (01:15:30)

by Hossein Mohimani, Carnegie Mellon University (USA)

Data integration, by functional metagenome and transcriptome annotation adds to understanding role and function of microbiomes (01:52:25)

by Lene Lange, BioEconomy, Research & Advisory, Denmark

Omics analyses as allies for unraveling food fermentations (02:09:55)

by Maria Kazou, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece

Investigating plant adaptation in natural environments to improve crop productivity (02:17:30)

by Rafael de Souza, UNICAMP, Brazil

Integrated network modeling approach defines key metabolic responses of soil microbiomes to perturbations (02:34:30)

by Ryan McClure, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, United States

Discussion with participants (02:52:00)

by Luca Cocolin and Ilario Ferrocino, University of Torino, Italy

Final remarks and closing of the workshop (04:03:00)

by Luca Cocolin, University of Torino, Italy