MicrobiomeSupport partners have been joining the World Microbiome Day movement in 2019 and have been organising events worldwide! Here are our highlights.



Our partners in Argentina did not only join the #MicrobiomeAmbassador campaign, but started a new trend on Twitter with the Spanish hashtag for WorldMicrobiomeDay: #DíaMundialDelMicrobioma! Check out the beautiful #AgarArt pictures on Twitter. Pictures courtesy of Flavia Salvatierra.



The partners at the Global Centre for Land-Based Innovation in Australia have not just established an Australian World Microbiome Day Twitter channel, but inspired the Microbial Research Centre to hold their own event (picture courtesy of MRC), gotten people involved in sharing about their #MicrobeLove and coordinated a special issue on microbial research in a scientific journal.



The Technical University of Graz organised an event on the apple microbiome which took place in the botanical garden and drew the attention of young and old. Find all the details here. Picture courtesy of Daria Rybakova.



The EUFIC team organised a three-course fermented food lunch to share about our involvement in MicrobiomeSupport, CIRCLES and World Microbiome Day with the whole team. Pictures courtesy of Kirstyn Byrne.


The team at Waterloo Centre for Microbial Research has been making petri dish cookies with their students! Get all the info here.


Our INRA colleagues have organised a public pre-view screening of the microbiome film “Les fabuleux pouvoirs du ventre’’ (The fabulous powers of the gut), which is due to be launched in autumn on French television, on World Microbiome Day on 27th June 2019, in Paris, France (see also here).



The birthland of the World Microbiome Day, Ireland! Not just did #WorldMicrobiomeDay trend on 27th June on Twitter that day, our partner Paul Cotter from Teagasc has had the opportunity to speak about the microbiome on radio! Of course, here is also where our partners from APC Ireland sit who have initiated World Microbiome Day and have been fantastic partners in making it such a big event offline and online this year!


Let’s not forget…

Let’s not forget all our partners that have submitted their microbe stories to share their research with the wider world for World Microbiome Day, have engaged online under the #WorldMicrobiomeDay and/or #MicrobiomeAmbassador on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Thank you all for making it such a success!!!