On 18th of November 2020, MicrobiomeSupport partners had the incredible opportunity of being part of the workshop “How bioeconomy is transforming agriculture”, as part of the Global Bioeconomy Summit 2020 online conference. If you want to find out more about the collaboration between MicrobiomeSupport and GBS – you can read all the relevant info here! 

The discussion focused on the identification of the most promising biological and digital revolutions to transform agriculture, as well as the potential of microbiome applications in the food system. The talk proceeded with the aim to identify and discuss what future policies, regulations and strategic research & innovation agendas are needed, and what regulatory issues and expectations exist, in order to put in place and promote these innovations.

“There is currently too little communication and awareness – we need more interaction and involvement of regulatory bodies!”

– Angela Sessitsch, MicrobiomeSupport project coordinator.

Do microbiome-based innovations have the potential to transform agriculture?

What policies and regulations are needed to implement and promote these possible microbiome-based applications?

These thought-provoking questions and the stimulating discussion that followed were all part of the conversation that took place within the Global Bioeconomy Summit.

Massive thank you to all the MicrobiomeSupport consortium who took the time to facilitate the discussion during the parallel working group “Microbiomes for the bioeconomy – hype or hope?” : Lene Lange, Brajesh Singh, Ulrich Schurr, Bettina Schelkle, Tanja Kostic, Emmanuelle Maguin, Yolanda Sanz and  Beatrix Wepner.

A big thank you also to the International Consortium on Applied Bioeconomy Research (ICABR) for organizing , as well as to the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Angela Sessitsch, Tanja Kostic and Beatrix Wepner, for organizing the breakout session. It was a tremendous success!

Were you able to attend?

If you are interested in hearing the discussions, find the workshop recordings here!

Interested in the content and contributions of GBS2020? Read the conference report here!