What is the Global Bioeconomy Summit?

The Global Bioeconomy Summit, GBS for short, is an international conference that aims to bring together bioeconomy policy drivers, leaders, scientists, industry and trusted sources, with a common vision and mission to stimulate the development of a sustainable bioeconomy through long-term changes and innovation. With over 700 high-ranking representatives from multiple disciplines attending the last GBS in 2018, the GBS is taking place again this year with the MicrobiomeSupport consortium as workshop leaders on board, proving that the Covid-19 pandemic will not impede the discussion towards a need for innovation and discussion.

Initially, the Global Bioeconomy Summit was formed by the International Advisory Council on Global Bioeconomy (IACGB) to support the first GBS event back in 2015. The IACGB is comprised of high-level policy experts and drivers of the bioeconomy from all parts of the world – their combined expertise, contributions and active involvement created a solid base for the formation of the GBS, for instance in driving speakers, partners and participants, as well as giving direction on relevant discussion topics and programming. Over time, the IACGB members have gained recognition, and have become key in developing and implementing policies, as well as communicating the need of sustainable bioeconomy worldwide.

MicrobiomeSupport in collaboration with GBS2020

With its initial success in 2015 and later again in 2018, the GBS is taking place again this year, from the 16 to 20 of November 2020, fully virtually. MicrobiomeSupport is proudly organising a workshop on the 18 of November called “How bioeconomy is transforming agriculture”, as part of GBS’s carefully selected workshops related to science and innovation.

Morning session: 8 – 10 am CET

Afternoon session: 4 – 6 pm CET

The main objectives of this workshop are to:

  • Identify the most promising biological and digital revolutions, since these have the potential to enhance productivity and environmental sustainability in the production of bio-based resources, transforming agriculture.
  • Identify and discuss future scenarios, policies and regulations that need to be adopted in order to promote promising innovations (taking society’s response to different innovations into account).

MicrobiomeSupport partners will be giving talks and leading discussions, engaging with the participants and working alongside them in working groups of various topics depending on the participants interest, which they can register upon their enrollment in the specific workshop.

Interesting discussion topics in the working groups include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital agriculture for sustainable production
  • Microbiomes for the bioeconomy – hype or hope?
  • Moderated discussion on potential impact of microbiome innovations
  • The role of microbiome-based innovations in agriculture and food systems
  • Biological meets digital revolution: Science and technology innovations for a sustainable bioeconomy

This workshop is the perfect opportunity to learn first-hand about science and innovation and their impact on the future of a sustainable bioeconomy. Want to find out more about MicrobiomeSupport’s interactive workshop on the 18th of November and the fascinating discussion topics happening on the day?

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And finally, don’t forget to register!

Photo credit: GBS 2018