On the 27th of June 2019, the second edition of the World Microbiome Day will take place, proudly supported by MicrobiomeSupport.

The World Microbiome Day highlights the importance of microbes for human and planetary health.

The food system has 6 main areas wherein microbes play an essential role:

  • Humans
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Soil
  • Aquatic environments
  • Food

This year’s theme will be anti-microbial resistance to increase the general public’s understanding of anti-microbial resistant microbes and empower them to take action towards cautious handling of antibiotics.

The first edition of World Microbiome Day in 2018 was a great success. All sorts of microbiome enthusiasts from pupils to cooks, from students to scientist came together to put the microbiome in the spotlight. A variety of activities were organised from fermented food lunches to drawing microbes and carrying out lab experiments in various locations across the world.

Join us in raising the profile of our microbes!

MicrobiomeSupport will engage with #WorldMicrobiomeDay via Twitter on the day itself, but we have also enlisted the @EUFIC Twitter channel throughout the whole month of June to talk about microbes in the food system to the general public. On the day itself, several project partners will organise local events you can join.

MicrobiomeSupport is proud to support World Microbiome Day this year and has already contributed to an aesthetic update. World Microbiome Day now has a:

  • New logo
  • New website

We invite you to discover the sparkling new webpage for yourself. Our favourite pages?

  • Quizzes: Test how much you know about the microbiome!
  • Competitions: Share your microbiome efforts with pride and win!
  • Twitter: Daily reminders on how awesome microbes are! We can’t get enough.

Can’t be there in person?

Celebrate the day together with your microbes (and friends, family and colleagues, of course!). Share your #MicrobeLove as #MicrobiomeAmbassador on Twitter using #WorldMicrobiomeDay and #MindYourMicrobes!