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Throughout 2019, we will be introducing MicrobiomeSupport ambassadors on our Twitter channel

MicrobiomeSupport ambassadors are project partners, advisory group or expert pool members, members of related projects or other microbiome enthusiasts who are interested in the role of the microbiome in the food system and its impact on planetary and human health.

MicrobiomeSupport ambassadors declare their love for all things microbe publicly. Find the whole overview of MicrobiomeSupport ambassadors below.

Want to be a MicrobiomeSupport ambassador?

  1. Print the picture ‘I am a MicrobiomeSupport ambassador‘.
  2. Take a picture of yourself with the ‘I am a MicrobiomeSupport ambassador’ sign.
  3. Post the picture on Twitter with the reason why you are a #MicrobiomeAmbassador & tag @MicrobiomeEU.