Knowledge on the microbiome is very much guided by what type of research is being funded. With research interest overlapping in different parts of the world, and the microbiome having become of interest in all parts of the food system, MicrobiomeSupport is trying to map research funding initiatives worldwide, on a regional, national and international level.

The aim is to identify funding overlaps, as well as funding gaps.

Specifically, MicrobiomeSupport will map the state of play of microbiome related R&I strategies and programmes in the different EU Member States, associated countries and third countries participating in the International Bioeconomy Forum. The focus is microbiome R&I in the food systems and beyond, including terrestrial, aquatic and human/animal environments (e.g. linkages among microbiomes of plants, animals, soils, marine and human health).

In a first step in the mapping exercise the consortium undertakes, the  survey seeks to establish first qualitative evidence on R&I funding done at national and regional levels related to microbiome research and will provide important insight into the type of existing policies and strategies that are linked to it.

Deadline for responses: 15 February 2019!

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