Microbiome research has become an area of great popularity in the last decade, with scientists and policy-makers becoming aware of the immense impact and potential that microbes have in several aspects of our daily lifes, such as our health, the production of our food, waste breakdown, bioenergy, and many more. Despite the main microbiome-related research at present being around the topic of the human gut microbiota, microbes and microbiomes have an unexplored potential, which is slowly being brought to light and should require recognition.

Introducing the new MicrobiomeSupport database

By gathering data through the MicrobiomeSupport partner network and collecting information from supra-national initiatives, MicrobiomeSupport has created an accessible online database that contains data on numerous infrastructures, policies, institutions and microbiome-related investigations. The aim of this database is to create a library of the most up-to-date microbiome-related data in one joint location, with information from around the globe, available for everyone.

In this incredible tool you are currently able to find information about more than 8.000 projects, from over 1.500 organisations globally, with visual representations of different research areas, and even more categories of sorted data.

Does this seem like something you’d find useful? Feel free to take advantage of this database or contact us to add your own project in the database! By registering you get the advantage of widening your project’s visibility in the microbiome field, as well as making connections with other similar projects.

Click here to access the database!

*  The MicrobiomeSupport consortium does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the data in this database. For data corrections and/or amendments please contact us as info@MicrobiomeSupport.eu