Press releases

#1 Kick-off meeting(CSIC, released 14 December 2018, in Spanish)

#2 Kick-off meeting(Consortium, released 17 December 2018, in English)

#3 Common Grounds Workshop (Consortium, released 03 March 2019, in German and English)

Introductory Video by Project Coordinator Angela Sessitsch
Video: The Microbiome in the Food System
Infographic Poster

Feel free to use our ‘Microbes are everywhere in the food system’ poster to explain about microbes in the food system at any event, presentation etc. You can download the infographic files here.

This file contains:

  •  The Infographic Poster, full (SCREEN resolution)
  •  The Infographic Poster, with missing spots for stickers (SCREEN resolution)
  •  Sticker images

Please contact us at if you wish to receive the poster files in PRINT resolution!

Column in AgroFOOD Industry Hi-Tech
MicrobiomeSupport has been invited to write a column on the microbiome in AgroFood Industry Hi-Tech Journal.
The column on ‘Microbes In The Food System’ has been published in the September/October 2019 issue.
Read the e-version of the column HERE. You can make an account HERE to download the full article.