The Bioeconomy Strategy

//The Bioeconomy Strategy
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The Bioeconomy Strategy was first launched in Europe in 2012 and co-signed by several European Commission departments with DG Research and Innovation taking the lead. The Bioeconmy Strategy is considered to have tremendous potential for:

JOB CREATION particularly in the area of green jobs
CLIMATE MITIGATION AND A CARBON NEUTRAL FUTURE by reducing emissions and depending on fossil resources
A RENEWED AND STRENGTHENED EU INDUSTRIAL BASE and modernised primary production
RESTORING HEALTH ECOSYSTEMS and enhancing biodiversity

Alongside the European Bioeconomy Strategy, various governments worldwide are in the process of implementing their own bioeconomy strategies and have aligned to create an International Bioeconomy Forum. The forum is a co-owned platform which will organise ad-hoc working groups that will guide international cooperation on a number of research and innovation priorities and horizontal activities. The aim is to develop a global, sustainable bioeconomy which addresses global challenges (such as those outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals). Two working groups have so far been established:

Microbiome (led by the European Commission and supported by the MicrobiomeSupport project)
ICT in Food Systems (led by New Zealand)

Find more information on the European Bioeconomy Strategy here and the International Bioeconomy Forum here.