Word by Angela Sessitsch (AIT), project coordinator:


Start date: 1 November 2018

End date: 31 October 2022

Overall budget: € 3.590.466,25

EU contribution: € 3.520.466,25

Funding scheme: Coordination & Support Action

Grant agreement: 818116

Coordinated by: Dr Angela Sessitsch, AIT, AT

MicrobiomeSupport will

  • be a key driver to implement FOOD 2030 strategies,
  • facilitate multi-actor engagement to align, structure and boost research and innovation in the microbiome field regionally, nationally and internationally,
  • support the European Commission by coordinating the activities, meetings, workshops and results from the International Bioeconomy Forum (IBF) working group ‘Food Systems Microbiome’.

MicrobiomeSupport has integrated international partners form Brazil, Canada, South Africa, China, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, India and USA to improve the international cooperation and coordination of common bioeconomy research programmes and set a basis for common microbiome R&I agendas.